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Welcome to the Camp Wood Public Library, located in Camp Wood Texas. We do hope that you find this website very resourceful, and we are always open to suggestions. Thanks for viewing! Scrolling below are the most recent additions to the library. Click on your cover choice to go directly to the library catalog for that item.





OCTOBER 19 AT 6:00 P.M.

Ken Roberts newly released book The Cedar Choppers will be presented by the author on October 19 at the Camp Wood Public Library. “At the low-water bridge below Tom Miller Dam, west of downtown Austin, during the summer of his tenth or eleventh year, Ken Roberts had his first encounter with cedar choppers. On his way to the bridge for a leisurely afternoon of fishing, he suddenly found himself facing a group of boys who clearly came from a different place and culture than the middle-class, suburban community he was accustomed to. Rather, “... they looked hard—tanned, skinny, dirty.” This encounter provoked in the author the question, “Who are these people?”

The Cedar Choppers: Life on the Edge of Nothing is his thoughtful, entertaining, and informative answer. Based on oral history interviews with several generations of cedar choppers and those who knew them, this book weaves together the lively, gritty story of these largely Scots-Irish migrants with roots in Appalachia who settled on the west side of the Balcones Fault during the mid-nineteenth century, subsisting mainly on hunting, trapping, moonshining, and, by the early twentieth century, cutting, transporting, and selling cedar fence posts and charcoal.

Ken Roberts and his family have lived on a ranch outside of Liberty Hill for the past forty-three years. Ken retired from Southwest University where he was a professor of economics for over 30 years. His teaching and research focused on the effects of agricultural changes on poor farmers in developing countries especially in Mexico and China. Ken’s work on “The Cedar Choppers” in Central Texas continues in that vein, but unlike the farmers in other places who fled the land in response to lower prices and mechanization, these folks hung on. They were fiercely independent hill folk. Ken digs into the life of the cedar choppers an unusual people right here in Texas who chose not to surrender their lifestyle so easily. They captured his imagination and they will capture yours.

Come join us for an interesting presentation on a group of people who are part of our history in the Nueces Canyon. Refreshments served.



In the bottom left hand corner of the Camp Wood Public Library General Catalog, you will see three menu icons: Visit Us, Contact Us, and Kids’ Catalog.  Select and left click on the Kids’ Catalog icon.  You will be redirected to a page that looks like the Kids’ Catalog page below.  You will see over sixty-eight subject icons.  These subject icons search for books that are Stories (Fiction) and books that are Facts (Nonfiction).  You will see these two icons in the bottom left hand corner of the Kid’s Catalog page.  When the catalog is first opened, the icons default automatically to books that are Stories (Fiction.) You can select to switch back and forth to Stories and Facts. Try the two icons on the bottom right hand corner to view those page results. In the top right hand corner, you will notice an icon for General Catalog.  You can alternate back and forth to the General Catalog and the Kids’ Catalog.  No kids’ books have been removed from the General Catalog to create the Kids’ Catalog.  All library items can be searched for and viewed on the General Catalog.


Tickets on sale now.

The Library will host a booth and raffle at the HUNTERS ROUNDUP

October 27 at Lindbergh Park. Library raffle tickets are on sale now from

library volunteers and at the library during regular hours.

Tickets available at the library booth on October 27. A $5.00 donation is

a chance to win one of several valuable prizes per ticket.

Proceeds benefit the Camp Wood Public Library.





The Camp Wood Public Library was delighted to be one of the six libraries out of sixty-four applicants chosen for a Hotspot grant. Come see what it's all about! Check out a Hotspot to have free Internet access at home today.

Terry Hibbitts Artist/photographer

of the month for september

The Camp Wood Public Library will have photography by Terry Hibbitts on display for the month of September.  You do not want to miss the opportunity to see these “close up and personal” pictures of plants and animals. Terry moved to Camp Wood Hills in June of 2005 after retiring from teaching high school biology for 34 years.  He has been a photographer for at least 45 years.  Not the typical photographer, Terry likes to document the world around him using his camera.  For example, Terry’s primary subjects are reptiles and amphibians, dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies and moths, and plants.  Not only is he photographing the subject, but also he tries to name them as well.  He always enjoys taking landscapes and trip photos.  Terry has had several photos published in various books, especially his reptiles and amphibian photos. He is a co-author with his two sons and a couple of others for the University of Texas Press Field Guide series called “Texas Amphibians” and “Turtles of Texas”, which contain many of his photos. He also conducts bird surveys for ranches that have Wildlife Tax exemptions.  You do not want to miss his exhibit at the library, and you can also view many of thousands of photographs from all around the world on his website at

Camp Wood Public Library to host SWTJC GED Classes

Classes start September 10. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS.

We greatly appreciate your support

at our bake sale during OSR!




By Jennifer Fry



Born just before the digital age, Jennifer Fry has been interested in photography since middle school.  Without a camera of her own in the early days, she would take pictures with point-and-shoot disposable cameras whenever she could, usually on missions trips with her youth group.  Upon graduation from high school in 2002, her parents gave her her first SLR camera.  It was a film camera, though she has since graduated to a digital SLR – also a gift from her parents – for its convenience.  A purist at heart, she still considers film to be the finest representation of photography available.

Fry transitioned to digital photography in 2009 when she moved overseas to South Korea to teach English as a second language.  She kept a blog during that time and understood that digital images embedded in her writing would better showcase her new world to her readers.  That, and she was doubtful of what ability Korea would have to develop film.  And so, the film SLR stayed home.

The collection you see on display, titled “Reflection and Shadow,” is a selection of her best digital images from 2009 to present. Some of them come from her time in South Korea.  Others come from trips she has taken with her husband, either to various parts of Texas or other parts of the U.S.  Her favorite subject matter are foreign streets, but anything that strikes her eye is fair game.  She enjoys capturing the world around her in an artistic, well-executed way.  In all, she has taken tens of thousands of photographs in her 20 years of shooting, though not all of them are worth being on display.

A native of San Antonio, Fry moved to Uvalde County four years ago with her husband.   She resides in the City of Uvalde.

Camp Wood Public Library
Breakfast Biscuits, Breakfast Tacos,
and Delicious Treats

Saturday, August 4, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Yummy sausage and egg biscuits and breakfast tacos for sale. Delicious baked goods for sale including cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, loaf cakes, and other freshly baked delights. Refreshing Ice cold bottled water for sale. Treat the family to a delicious meal dessert. The sale will be outside under the awning near the library.

Support the library by donating baked goods for our sale. You may bring your items to the library on Thursday, August 2 from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., on Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

Image result for hours of operation change notice



The Camp Wood Public Library Board of Directors is reducing the number of days that the library is open and changing the hours of operation.  These changes are the result of volunteer staff changes.  Volunteers are needed to keep the library open more days and hours.  Please call 830-597-3208 to volunteer.

Effective Monday, July 23, 2018 the new days and hours will be: 

Tuesday           11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday      11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday         11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday             11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday         12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday             Closed

Monday            Closed

Hope to see you soon at the library!

Summer Reading Program

is a Tremendous Success

The library’s Summer Reading Program ended on a musical note as children, parents, and grandparents gathered at Lindbergh Park to hear music provided by Shane Stumpf, Mike Daum, and Carl Hutchison. “We broke records this year for our summer reading performances, averaging more than 70 people every week. We are very excited about this,” said Board President Vangie Buenrostro. The programs are designed to draw families to the library and encourage reading, and they have been more than successful this year. In addition to providing entertaining performers, the library staff reads stories and gives snacks and books to the children.

The volunteers at Camp Wood Public Library give special thanks to Southwest Texas Communications and First State Bank of Uvalde for their generous donations, which helped support the Summer Reading Program.

Travis Ward, July Artist of the Month

Travis Ward, son of local long-time residents Vaughn and Melinda Ward, is the Camp Wood Public Library Artist of the Month. Travis lived in Rocksprings while young and attended kindergarten in Llano. His kindergarten teacher recognized his artistic talents, and at that time he began art lessons with a local artist. In high school art classes, he developed his talent with sculpture and oil painting. He won many awards while in junior high and high school, and he was selling art and completing commissioned works while in high school. He began his art career with pencil portraits, and soon was producing works in other requested mediums. In addition, with digital artistry he has created the cover art for three books. He has earned degrees from the University of Texas in Austin, where he and Katy, also an artist, currently reside and teach in Austin area schools. As proud and joyful parents of an 8-month old daughter, Liliana, they look forward to the artistic ability and creativity that she may share.





The Trailblazer, Science On Wheels

To Visit Camp Wood June 26

Mark your calendar for an exciting event!  The Camp Wood Public Library has been selected by the Tocker Foundation to receive a Trailblazer visit on June 26.  This 40-foot exhibit trailer will be parked at Lindbergh Park from 9:30 a.m.  to 1:30 p.m.

The Trailblazer is a traveling science exhibit filled with hands-on activities centered on energy, aerodynamics, space, weather and biotechnology. The Trailblazer is suitable for all ages. The Trailblazer engages students with interactive projects in science and creates awareness of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

This program is free and open to the public. The community is invited to explore and participate in this exciting learning experience! For more information please call the library at 597-3208, visit,  , or

This program is a collaboration between the Camp Wood Public Library, the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, and the Tocker Foundation.

Outgoing Library Director, Dixie Frizzell, accepted a check from The J. Frank Dobie Trust at the Texas Library Association annual conference.

The J. Frank Dobie Library Trust is honored to announce that the Camp Wood Public Library has been selected to receive a grant in the amount of $10,000 to purchase books for the library’s collection.  The majority of the grant will be used to purchase nonfiction books and children and juvenile titles from notable award programs.  We would appreciate suggestions from the public for books they would like the library to purchase.

The Trust was established by Mr. Dobie in 1963, when he wrote his will expressly for the majority of his substantial estate to support small Texas libraries with the purpose of purchasing books.

A major criterion for the grants, which are quite competitive, is the extent to which the library is supported by its community.  Being selected to receive a Dobie grant thus reflects not only the importance of the library to the community it serves, but also the strength of the entire community.

Camp Wood Public Library Hosting Linda Kirkpatrick

Presentation and Book Signing May 7 at 6:00 p.m.

            Linda Kirkpatrick grew up on a ranch in the Frio Canyon, an experience that gave her the knowledge to follow cowboy and ranch themes in her work. She has published two books (Somewhere in the West and Tales of the Frio Canyon), three chapbooks, numerous articles and cowboy poems.

           Tales of the Frio Canyon won a Gold Will Rogers Medallion award for Best Non-fiction Western and a Gold Will Rogers Medallion award for Best Layout and Design.

           She has been an invited performer at the National Cowboy Symposium in Elko, Nevada for 3 years and the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, Texas for 20 plus years. Her hobbies include writing, chuck wagon cooking and genealogy.

           Everyone welcome! Refreshments will be served.


Thank you to our many friends and patrons who made our April 21 book and bake sale a tremendous success.  We sincerely appreciate the loyalty and financial support  you provide to make the library a valued asset to our Camp Wood community.  Thank You!!

Effective Monday, April 9 the new library hours will be:

Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs.

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday 12:00 Noon - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday   Closed

texas book festival grant

Grant writers Babette Eikenberg, Melinda Ward, Liz Mikulec, and Dixie Frizzell are delighted to receive a check and certificate for the Texas Book Festival Grant.

The Camp Wood Public Library is excited to be one of the recipients of a 2018 Texas Book Festival Collection Enhancement Grant.  This $2500 grant is to be used to purchase books that develop our material collection and encourage reading in Nueces Canyon.  The library’s application noted, if chosen, book purchases would immediately be made of study guides for tests such as the GED, SAT, ACT, and TSI.  Books that provide computer help along with books for those interested in a technology career and careers in general would be more additions to the library materials.  The “wish list” concluded with using remaining funds to expand the adult life skills collection, reading list books, audio books, and children read-along books.  We would appreciate suggestions from the public for books they would like the library to purchase.

 The Texas Book Festival grants have awarded over $3 million to Texas libraries since 1997.  The Camp Wood Public Library is honored to be one of the libraries chosen in 2018.

Donate to your local library and help us continue to grow and improve our services for our community. 

News from Camp Wood Public Library

Your library now has OVERDRIVE access.  You can download eBooks, audiobooks, and videos.    All for Free. Go to and click on CATALOG. Click on the icon for OverDrive under Electronic Resources to start enjoying your new OverDrive with thousands of available titles. Sign in with your library card number and phone number. Don’t know your card account number or what phone number you used with your card? Visit us at the library for a free update.  See you soon and often at the library with free Wi-Fi access 24/7.  Find us and Like us on Facebook. Need help with OverDrive? View their excellent support service and information for all your devices at this link:  Getting Started with OverDrive.

Thanks to the generous donation of an anonymous donor of 450+ books, the library now has an excellent collection of paranormal romance novels. To lean more about this genre, click this link: Paranormal: Blend of Romance and Science Fiction. All of these books are cataloged and available for checkout.  From your home computer, you can search for your favorite author in the library catalog or view the list of books.

Here is how to view the list: Click on “Login in to Your Library Account and Catalog” on this page.  Paperbacks and hardcover books are cataloged separately, so in “Find” (top left corner) you will need to do two searches. For one search, you will enter the abbreviation pb sup and click Go to view a list of 375+ paperback books.  For the other search, you will enter supernatural/paranormal and click on Go to view a list of 120+ hardcover books.  Most of the books are written in series, so the books are cataloged alphabetically by series title and each book is listed by its number in each series.  0n the results page, click on Title to view the listing in its alphabetical series order.  Click on any title to view the catalog entry.  In the catalog entry you will see Series Title.  Click on the blue highlighted series title, and you will see the complete listing of titles available for that series both paperback and hardcover combined. 

Much simpler – visit the library and view the books in their special location with paperback and hardcover combined and in their series order.  Hope to see you soon and often. 

Back to school and school days are memories for many of us.  Thanks to donations from local patrons you can relive, renew, and revisit those memories with our collection of The Panther and The Billy Goat yearbooks.  Click on the highlighted names, and you can view the collection that is available in the library.  We would like to have a complete collection, so if you own any missing years, please consider donating any you might have to our collection.  Bring your family and friends to share and view your school memories as yearbooks are available for use only in the library, and it's an excellent way to spend a hot summer day in our cool air conditioned library.  Any page from the yearbook can be copied or scanned.                                    The photo from The Panther is year ????.

Need Help With OverDrive?  View their excellent support service and information for all your devices at this link:  Getting Started with OverDrive.

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