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Kid's Corner

  • Animals

    Kids' Planet
    Discover the life of a spider, the world of wolves, and the endangered environment.

    The Dino Dictionary
    Discover dinosaurs through descriptions, definitions, and drawings of these terrible lizards.

    The Dinosauria
    Find the truth about dinosaur myths and hear about current dinosaur discoveries in America,

    Discovering Dinosaurs National Geographic for Kids
    Dinosaurs lived more than 65 million years ago. Scientists study fossil remains of bones, tracks, and dung to learn about dinosaurs and you can too!
    Get facts, photos, videos, and games.



    The National Zoo
    Visit the Smithsonian National Zoological Park from the comfort of your home. Also find out what you can do to help save endangered species.

    All About Farm Animals
    Farm Animal Facts and Activities

    Explore the Animals in the Ocean National Geographic

    Take a dive into the deep. We've got profiles of underwater animals, ocean-themed games, and videos for you to explore.

    Insects are small animals with six legs and a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton. Most have wings and antennae.

    Animal Games and Nature Games

    Kids are inherently interested in the nature around them. With animal games and nature games are able to gain knowledge while having fun playing with wild animals and exploring nature.

    Microbe Zoo
    They're everywhere! In the trash, in your yard, in your home, in your food, and even in your mouth. Yuck!

    Animal Encyclopedia
    Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

  • Art & Music


    Coloring Pages
    Bats, Bears, Birds and beasts need a little color in their life.

    PBS Coloring Pages
    Berenstain Bears, Sesame Street and Clifford coloring pages to keep you entertained for hours.

    Hands on Crafts
    Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty playing in the mud. Or stay clean and make your own shirts and baskets.

    Hands on Crafts for Kids – Projects
    Projects - Funky flip flops, luxurious lip balm, petroglyphs and pillowcases as well as tons of other things to make from things that are around the house.

    Art Room

    National Gallery of Art Kids Page
    Is that Napoleon on skates? Explore these beautiful (and bizarre) works of art through games and activities.

    Music Time

    PBS Music
    Listen to the latest hits by Barney, Arthur, the Teletubbies, and all your other favorite PBS friends.

  • Careers

    What Do You Like?
    Explore career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    Articles, downloads, videos, and information occupations. Learn how to write your first resume.

  • Fun Stuff


    U.S. State Capital Quiz
    A simple but fun game where you match the states with their capitols. See if you can get a perfect score.

    Daily News Quiz
    See if you're up-to-date with the latest news events around the world. Read the New York Times, and then test your knowledge.

    Name That Baby Animal Quiz
    Aren't kids baby humans? I thought a baby rabbit was a bunny? And who's Joey? See if you can score better than I did.

    Name That Animal or Plant
    Put your plant and animal knowledge to the test. How well do you know your wildlife?

    Name that Bug
    The clock is ticking, hurry up and name that bug in this fun interactive game.

    Games & Activities

    Kids’ Think Link
    Hear what kids like you are saying all over the world about music, sports, and the latest trends and fashions--articles in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

    Wacky Web Tales
    Create your own hilarious story by simply filling in the blanks. Lots of stories to choose from and will help you learn the parts of speech.

    Pen Pals Box
    Search for pen pals all across the country. This is a great way for schools and kids to connect with one another.

    Learn to Yo-Yo
    Finally learn to yo-yo the easy way. Impress your friends with cool tricks like "walk the Dog" and "the Creeper"

    Guinness Book of World Records
    This site is a favorite. There are tons of amazing and mind boggling records. You can even make a record attempt of your own.

    A fun colorful interactive site filled with cartoons, lots of games, and contests.

    Name That Candy Bar
    So you think you're an expert on chocolate? Then see how you do by matching these inside pictures of candy bars with their names.

    Kids Fun Page
    Tons of arcade-style games as well as educational games like "Grammar Gorillas" and "What's the Word?" There are also links to other fun sites for kids.

    Candy USA
    Everything you ever wanted to know about candy. Find out what makes chocolate so addicting and learn some recipes for some incredible fudge.

    It’s My Life
    A great site for kids who want help with managing their time, and have difficult questions about things like divorce, drugs, and depression.

  • Global Village

    Global Village

    Cultural Diversity

    Native American Planet Youth
    Listen to the sounds of the Comanche Flute, and learn about the customs and culture of Native Americans.

    African-American World
    Learn about African-American culture through an interactive game, e-cards that include African-American history, and hearing about African-American heroes who have made a powerful difference in the world.

    Africa for Kids
    Make your own music on a thumb piano, create your own African mask and listen to a Swahili folktales.

    Wonders of the African World
    Prepare for an interactive journey across the globe as you begin your Quest for the Magic Calabash. Before going, create your own Adinkra cloth to wear, decorated with the traditional Ashanti Symbols.

    Choose the skin color and background of your hero, From Vador helmet to Egyptian loin cloth, there are plenty of costumes to decorate your hero with.

    My Hero
    Who are your heroes? Explorers, Writers, scientists, and … dogs? Check out these people who have had a powerful impact on those around them and have helped shaped our world into what it is today.

    Virtual Quilt
    Schools and students have put together these patches to tell something about the area in which they live. Come and look and add a patch of your own.

    Military Kids
    Are you a military kid on the move? It can be hard leaving behind your house and friends. This site has advice on saying goodbye, planning to move, and making new friends after you've moved.

    Indian Health Services Kids Page
    Hear about old Native American tales and myths. Explore their ancient culture and customs. And learn about how to stay safe and healthy.

    Our World 

    Traveling Around the World
    (The Greatest Places?) Spend the night in a space hut on the world's largest island. And listen to the call of a lemur or the hiss of a giant cockroach on Madagascar.

    Peace Corps Kids World
    What is the Peace Corps? How can I make a difference? Read about how kids like you are making a difference across the globe.

    Kids Volunteer
    - Help build homes, volunteer with 4-H, and donate your used clothes to children in Sri Lanka.

    Kids Recycle
    Learn what others are doing to reduce waste. Make a poster, or create your own logo to promote recycling in your area.

  • Government

    Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
    For kids K-12 - Sing the ABC's of national government. Put the United States back together and learn the history of the bald eagle and statue of liberty.

    The White House
    Learn about Flat Stanley's visit with George Bush, Why tee-ball is being played on the lawn, and what really goes on in the White House.

    The Department of Justice
    Help the Justice Department by knowing Cyber ethics, the tools for crime prevention, and get an inside scoop on the inner workings of the courtroom.

    Politics for Kids
    find out how government affects your life every day, how voting has changed in the last 130 years and see if you have what it takes to be the next President.

    FBI Kids
    What is it exactly that the FBI does? Click here to get the Inside Story.

    First Ladies of America
    From Martha Washington to Laura Bush, the First Ladies have been the women behind the scenes who have supported our Nation's Leader.

    U.S. Presidents
    contains a list of all the presidents, from the nation's birth to present day. Find out what they liked to eat and what they liked to do.

    Take Your Kids to Vote
    You can be involved in the voting process. Lists ways kids can be involved with their parents in discussing relevant issues related to voting.

  • Health

    Staying Healthy

    FDA Kids Page
    Find out all about animals, vaccines, and food safety. Also help FDA investigators inspect a warehouse.

    CDC Body & Mind
    Get tips on staying physically fit, strengthening your mind, and staying clear of diseases. Also get help with relieving stress in your life.

    Dealing with Feelings
    Feeling depressed? Thinking of running away? Get help with dealing with your feelings in this helpful site with tons of relevant topics for your life.

    Kids’ Medical Dictionary
    Have you ever had an Otitis Media or visited an Otolaryngologist? Find out what these and other strange medical words mean.

    4 Girls Health
    Contains relevant topics for girls as they are growing up and maturing into adults. Site has articles on puberty, hygiene, nutrition, and fitness.

    Health Finder
    How to stay safe on the net; how to stay physically fit and free from alcohol and drugs; and how to have fun while staying healthy.

    Food Safety Kids
    Do you know how to properly handle food around the kitchen? Take this quiz and find out.

    Living with a Chronic Illness
    Tons of stories, poems, and artwork by and for children with chronic illnesses.

    Health Kidnetic
    A colorful interactive site with games, forums, and recipes dealing with the human body.

    Being Safe

    Adventures in Kid Safety
    Get tips on using a bike helmet, and being safe on a skateboard, scooter, and rollerblades. This site also has fun word searches, matching and arcade style games.

    Street-Safe Kids
    A colorful guide to being safe at the bus stop, around weapons, and at school.

    FBI Kids Safety
    Join Darrell, as he helps you learn to stay away from strangers, being safe on the Internet and being safe around guns.

  • History

    American History

    Jump Back in Time
    Listen to America's Story: The founding of a new nation, the war that tore our country in two, the great war that shook the world, and the voyage to the moon.

    African-Americans in History
    See the vital role that African-Americans have played in shaping America's history and culture; from Booker T. Washington to Colin Powell.

    African-American History
    Explore current and past African American issues such as slavery, the million-man march, and discrimination.

    PBS Way Back When
    Remember when camping out of your car was a vacation, or when Miami Beach was an avocado farm? Neither do I, but some people do.

    Not for Ourselves Alone
    If you could write the Bill of Rights what would they be? See what other kids had to say. Also learn about the day in the life of an African-American, a Native American, an Irish Immigrant and more.

  • Math Fun

    A+ Math
    Visit the Game Room, test your math knowledge with Flash Cards, and get help from the Homework Helper.

    Math Advantage
    Divided by grade level (k-8). Build dinosaurs and join Dr. Gee in the 3-D lab. This site is filled with Shockwave games that will make math exciting and fun.

    Dr. Math
    Need help finding that formula for geometry, or assistance with adding and subtracting fractions? Dr. Math is here to help.

    Basket Math Interactive
    The ball's in your court, the heat is on, the shot is yours. Solve the math problem to shoot and score.

    Explore Your Knowledge
    Test your knowledge in math and science and see how you score compared to other students from around the world.

    Create a Graph
    Use this site to quickly and easily create an area, bar, line, or pie graph. Just simply type in the numbers and titles and you have it.

    Math League Help Topics
    A great resource for finding math equations and operations and provides examples to see how they work.

    Volume and Shape
    Predict how high the juice will go when poured from one tank to another.

    Math Dictionary
    How exactly do you use an abacus? How long is a fortnight? What exactly is a leap year? … this and more.

    Times-Tables Practice Tests
    Tables Practice Tests - Practice your timetables. Choose from 2's to 10's.

    Math Puzzles
    Read Dr. Math's answers to students' tough story problems or ask him one of your own.

    Mad Math
    You choose the type of problems you want to do (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Many options make this site a helpful tool in practicing math.

  • Museums

    The Exploratorium, San Francisco
    Learn candy recipes, discover life on other planets, and explore the inner workings of
    the human eye.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
    Take an interactive tour around many of the exhibits offered at this museum such as the Unicorn tapestries, George Washington crossing the Delaware, and The Kitano Tenjin Engi Emaki.

    OMSI- Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry - How did the dinosaurs die? Why did the Titanic sink? And what did the ancient Aztecs use for money?

    The Smithsonian Institution
    Make your own buffalo hide painting, experience the incredible Apollo 11 mission, learn about the World War II bombers and fighter planes, and discover how Lewis and Clark mapped the West.

  • Nature

    National Parks

    National Park Ranger Zone
    Become a junior ranger and talk to a forest ranger about what he does on the park. Find the Junior Ranger program closest to you.

    Yellowstone National Park
    Puzzles, word games, coloring books, and scavenger hunts on the wildlife in Yellowstone. Above all, learn about the exotic Mooselope, native to this site.

    National Wildlife Federation
    Celebrate wildlife by exploring careers, doing fun crafts, making yummy treats, and viewing pictures of some of the coolest animals on the web.


    Are you ready for the big one? Learn everything you need to know about studying earthquakes, locations of recent activity, and materials and procedures you need to prepare for earthquakes.

    FEMA Earthquakes
    Earthquake legends, stories, and games and treats. Learn about earthquakes in fun and tasty ways.


    How to take care of your flowers, shrubs, herbs, and veggies. Keeping them healthy, and showing them off.

    Kids Gardening
    See what students are doing with plants and find out everything you ever wanted to know about worms.


    BBC Education – The Essential Guide to Rocks
    The Essential Guide to Rocks - Take a virtual trip around Great Britain to see their rocky past and watch a presentation on the formation of the Earth.

    Rocks for Kids
    This is a site for all kids who love rocks -- if you collect rocks, then this is the site for you!

  • Reading


    Book Adventure
    Search for books you want to read based on interests and your reading level. Other fun games and book quizzes make this site a must for all readers.

    Book Hive: Your Guide to Children’s Literature & Books
    Listen to books read by your favorite authors, create your own reading list, and test your knowledge of Harry Potter.

    PBS Interactive Stories for Kids
    Read a story, play an important role in the story or create one of your own.

    PBS Between the Lion Stories
    read a story with your favorite lions. There are over 60 stories to choose from with colorful pictures and interactive games.

    The Prince and I
    Create your own movie with the Ultrabug Cliposcope, go on a scientific adventure, or make your own blob

    Children’s Literature Web Guide
    Lists of children's book awards, bestsellers, online stories, and resources for teachers and parents.

    PBS Berenstain Bears
    Watch TV clips, see their vacation pix, and dress brother bear as a dragon.

    Clifford the Big Red Dog
    create your own fun interactive story with Clifford and friends. Many other games and activities abound on this site.

    Book Reviews
    read reviews of your favorite books. Get some tips that can help you read. And read about Mr. Man and all his friends.


    National Geographic for Kids
    search for mysterious monsters such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Read about man-eating lions and fly into the middle of a hurricane.

    ZUZU – Online Newspaper for Kids
    Online Newspaper for Kids - poetry, fiction, and artwork by kids for kids. Has everything from sci-fi and mystery to cats and dogs.

    An online magazine for kids stories, artwork, reviews, and articles. Read kids' opinions on school violence and uniforms.

    Sign Language and Braille

    Sign Language
    Learn sign and finger spelling from Arthur.

    Braille Bug
    Play games and learn to send secret messages to your friends.

  • Science and Stuff

    Try Science
    Use DNA to solve a crime. Design a house to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This site puts science in action.

    ReviseWise Science
    Activities and games involving electricity, magnetism, light, sound, and gravity.

    National Weather Service
    A series of coloring pages on thunderstorms, tornado safety, and winter weather.

  • Space

    The Exploratorium
    Create an apparatus for viewing sunspots, Search for extraterrestrial life, and see a live web cam of Mars.

    The Space Place
    Be able to name trees from space, find out why the sky is blue and discover how to shrink a building three different ways. Lots of online space Games, activities, and fun facts.

    NASA Kids
    Exactly how hot is the sun? Can astronauts sleep standing up? And is it possible to escape the Event Horizon of a black hole?

    The Nine Planets
    Take a self-guided tour through our solar system. Explore the satellites of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, and the canals and canyons of Mars.

    Young Astronomers' Learning Center
    What is a Brown Dwarf? What's the difference between a meteor and a falling star? What are solar winds? The Learning Center provides all the answers you need.

    NASA – Be a Spacecraft Engineer
    Your mission: Help scientists plan a mission to a comet. Design your own spacecraft. And protect the international Space Station from space debris.

  • Sports


    Sports Camps

    Kids Running
    When should you run? What should you eat? What are some secrets to running faster?

    Sports Illustrated for Kids
    Draft your own baseball team with Fantasy sports or watch Andy Macdonald do some extreme skateboarding tricks.

    Sport Science at the Exploratorium
    Find out how to do an Ollie, learn the physics of surfing, and discover what those dimples on a golf ball are for.

    Street Play
    (Kids Games & Rules for activities such as jacks and jump rope

    Kristi Yamaguchi Web Page

    Negro League
    Learn the history of the league, read the Hall of Fame, and Jackie Robinson's transition to the Major Leagues

    Young Masters Golf
    Learn how you can get started playing golf today. Having the right grip, making the best swing, and pitching the perfect... tent?

  • State Facts

    State Facts
    Find facts such as the State motto, nickname, and origin of name, state bird, population, sports teams, and flag.

    State Capitols Quiz
    A simple but fun site matching states with their capitols. See if you can get a perfect score.

    U.S. Census Bureau
    Statistics on population, gender, income, and race by state and county. This is a great resource for reports on states.

  • Transportation

    By Land

    Federal Highway Transportation
    Describes how technology and computers are used to help keep the roads safe. Also learn about the invention of the traffic signal.

    Transportation Technologies
    Learn about the exciting new technologies being used to improve air quality through electric cars, power cells, and other future fuels to replace oil and gas.

    Transportation Wonderland
    From trucks to trains, boats to busses, plains to parks, this site will give you an inside look at real people on the job using these vehicles.

    By Air

    Amelia Earhart
    An in-depth history of this world-famous aviator's amazing life. It depicts her early years in aviation, her fame, and her fateful last flight.

    The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
    Everything you need to know about aerodynamics, propulsion, rocketry, and even kites. There are lots of useful knowledge for both beginner's and novices.

    The Wright Brothers
    Learn about these two brothers and their amazing invention which changed the world of transportation forever.

    Aviation Education
    Learn how to build a paper helicopter, a glider, or a Wright Flyer. This site also has some Coloring pages of Air Bear.

  • Money

    U.S. Treasury Department
    Check out the new look in store for nickels next year.

    H.I.P Pocket Change
    This is a great site about learning the history of coins and more. There are great facts about interesting people, places, and events that are honored on our coins; you can now experience these people, places and events first hand.

    Money Factory
    Learn about the new colorful $20 bills and how its not just for looks. 

    Kids Making Money
    Learn how you can make money so you can buy that video game, or those new pair of Nikes.

    Young Investor Web Site
    Kids call the shots at Liberty Financial's Young Investor site.

    Big Money Adventure
    Choose your guide to lead on a money adventure.

    Investing for Kids
    This Web site is designed by kids for kids. It examines stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing. It also includes a stock game.

  • Reference

    Find Your School or Library
    Search for your school and library. Learn the number of books your library has and the number of people who visit it.

    Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
    A fun, colorful picture dictionary of hundreds of words. Also offered in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.


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